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'Check-in' to your device!

Dear panda partners,


In order to better help you manage the status of your restaurant, we are excited to introduce our latest check-in feature on your device, where you can let us know everyday when exactly you are ready to operate and accept orders. This should help you reduce order cancellation and improve the customer experience.


Please view the check-in feature guide below:

Step 1: 15 minutes before your schedule opening time (e.g. 9:45am if you open at 10:00am), your tablet will show a ringing reminder. A check-in page will appear on your device:

unnamed (1).png

Step 2: Please press “Open restaurant” to check-in letting us know if your restaurant is ready to start operating at the scheduled time (e.g. 10:00am):

unnamed (2).png

Step 3: The check-in page will count down from the time you press the button to your scheduled opening time:

unnamed (3).png

Step 4: Your restaurant is open on our platform.



  • If you forget to press 15 minutes before your scheduled time, the reminder will ring again 10 minutes before (e.g. 9:50am) and 5 minutes (e.g. 9:55am) respectively. 

  • Your restaurant will remain closed on our platform until you press the button manually, even after your scheduled opening time (e.g. 10:00am).


Late Check-in:

If you miss check-in at your scheduled opening hour (e.g. currently 12:30pm), your restaurant will remain closed until you click "Open restaurant". You will then immediately open and become available to customers.


If you have any questions on this feature, please do not hesitate to contact us via "Help & Support" on goDroid or visit the Help Centre in Restaurant Portal.


Stay hungry,


Your foodpanda Partner Hub team