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released on 1 June 2021   


Dear foodpanda mall partner,


You can now order foodpanda paper bags via pandamerchant - your one-stop shop for restaurant supplies and ingredients!

Starting today (1 June 2021), foodpanda paper bags, printer rolls and other store-related materials will be available only on the pandamerchant website. Help Centre will no longer be supporting these requests.

Soon, you'll also be able to place these orders directly via the pandamerchant app - stay tuned for updates!

** Please note that the paper bag charge will only be applied to foodpanda restaurant partners. As a foodpanda mall partner, paper bags and printer rolls will continue to be free of charge. You may ignore the HK $200 charge notification and proceed with your order as usual.

How to order foodpanda paper bags and paper rolls?

Step 1: Log into Vendor Portal, select ‘Store” in the left panel > click (Web browser) (only available via web version)


Step 2: Click "foodpanda materials” on the top panel, select the items you want to purchase.


Step 3: Checkout and fill in the shipping address and contact details.

Aside from restaurant supplies, feel free to browse pandamerchant for different interesting products! Explore more today !

Stay hungry,
Your foodpanda Team