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Operational best practices
in running a successful
foodpanda business                           

released on 27 April 2021

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Dear valued partner,

We will be spicing up our monthly newsletters by giving a spotlight to topics that will support your success on foodpanda! This month, we are highlighting Operational Best Practices! Read on below for our guidance on how you can enhance your performance through operations.

1. Make use of the offered features on your device!

  • Update your device’s status to “Busy” before you are forced to decline orders: Our data shows that 50% of vendors that decline orders for being too busy never use this feature. Update your device status on time if you are not able to take foodpanda orders. Don’t let your customers down! We will also be launching automated busy mode soon, please stay tuned!

  • "Check-in” to start your day: To make sure you are ready to kickstart the day receiving foodpanda orders, remember to press “Open Restaurant” to check-in 15 minutes before your scheduled operating time! We will keep your restaurant closed until you check in on the device.

2. Tips on handling live orders

  • React to orders as quickly as possible: One of the biggest challenges of customer dissatisfaction is late cancellations. Accept/reject orders as soon as you can to manage your customers’ expectations!

  • Prepare orders within the estimated preparation time: Customers who experience delays of less than 5 minutes are 30% more likely to reorder from you in the next 7 days than those with delays of 20 or more minutes! It is an easy and costless way to regain customers!

  • Confirm that all items are packed into correct bags before handing them over to couriers: Make sure all bags for the same order are placed together clearly. To maintain good hygiene, we also suggest you staple bags shut with the receipt attached.

3. Enhance your operational performance!

  • Set your available hours to close 10-15 minutes earlier than your restaurant dine-in closing time: Do you know that the closing time of your restaurant in foodpanda refers to the time your kitchen is open for pick-up and delivery? You can adjust your operating hours accordingly via the Opening Times feature.

  • Keep your menu up-to-date: To satisfy customers' appetites, it is important to ensure items shown on the platform are all available. Update the items’ status on the device to “unavailable” to avoid rejecting orders! You can update your menu via Menu Management in Restaurant Portal regularly.

Stay hungry,
Your foodpanda Team