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goDroid feature launch:
Smart Busy Mode                                 

released on 5 May 2021

mart Busy Mode.png

Dear valued partner,

We are launching a new feature, “Smart Busy Mode” on goDroid App to help you identify your busy period and avoid declining orders!


As you know, you are currently able

to set your restaurant status to “Busy” and

get a little breather to stop receiving new

orders and complete all existing orders.

However, we understand that when

you are busy providing delicious food

to our customers, it can be challenging

to change your status.

Therefore, Smart Busy Mode will

assist you by automating this process!

Not to worry - you are always in control of being open, as you can re-open at any time. We recommend you only do this once you are able to accept and complete orders within your preparation time, but we will only close you for a short period (15 - 60 minutes) to provide a bit of relief to your kitchen.

We detect the busy periods by measuring the number of our couriers that are waiting and the duration they have been there. We are constantly striving to provide the best possible experience to our customers, restaurants, and couriers.


Starting from 6 May 2021 (Thur), we will gradually roll out this new tool to our partners. Remember, you can pre-empt this by setting yourself as “busy” when appropriate and prevent this by always meeting the preparation time stated on your tablet and receipt.

Stay hungry,
Your foodpanda Team