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Notice of your daily order handling

release on 23 June 2021


Dear restaurant partner,

Greetings from foodpanda! We have launched several features on goDroid, your app for accepting orders, to optimize your operational experience on foodpanda. Please kindly take note and make sure your frontline staff are familiar with the following features on your device!


1) Select items that are unavailable after clicking “decline” order

When you receive an order and there are items unavailable, you should DECLINE first and select “Item unavailable” as your rejection reason. Then, it will lead you to a list of order items for you to select which of them are unavailable.


Scenario A: If the selected item is ‘Optional’ > it will lead you to call the customer for item replacement*. Accept/decline the order based on your agreement with the customer.

Scenario B: If the item does not have an ‘Optional’ tag next to it, you will have to DECLINE the order

Scenario C: If there are more than 2 items - one item with an optional tag, and one item without an optional tag, you will have to DECLINE the order.

We recommend you revisit our YouTube channel and learn more about how to handle live orders!

*If the order can be accepted, then the order moves to "Accepted". If the order can not be accepted, then the order moves to "Recent Order" as declined.

2) Call customers only when their information is shown on the tablet

Restaurants may sometimes find ways to reach out to customers for item unavailability. However, restaurants should ONLY call customers as long as their contact information is shown on the device after “rejecting the order” upon declining items with an “optional” tag (see above: Scenario A)

unnamed (1).png

3) Direct customers to CS live chat if they reach out to you directly

If customers reach out to you directly regarding their foodpanda order (eg. missing item / received wrong orders/complaints), please guide them back to use Customer Support live chat on their foodpanda app, as we have a dedicated CS team to deal with their order issues!


4) Smart Busy Mode

We launched Smart Busy Mode in May to help you identify your busy period and avoid declining orders! Our system detects your restaurant’s busy periods based on courier wait times. It will automatically close you for a short period (15-60 minutes) to provide a bit of relief to your kitchen. Not to worry - you can always re-open at any time when you feel you are able to handle more orders within your preparation time.

Stay hungry,
Your foodpanda Team