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For all your non-live support requests, we have launched the Help Centre within Restaurant Portal to serve you better.  Visit Restaurant Portal and explore Help Centre today! 

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A quick and easy way to make order and manage your suppliers efficiently, pandamerchant offers a one-stop solution to food supply sourcing, just for you! Click to learn more today!

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Do you receive orders from channels outside of foodpanda? You can now access our reliable fleet of couriers directly using pandago! It's easy to use, free to sign up and no commitment required. Read to find out more!


To help you manage your status, we are excited to introduce our latest Check-in feature on your device, where you can let us know when you are ready to begin operating and accepting orders for the day. 

We have launched new communication channels via Whatsapp & SMS text messages to connect with you instantly! If you'd like to receive our instant updates, continue below to learn more and subscribe!


PandaBox, our newly launched New Customer Acquisition tool is now live! Interested in gaining new customers? Click to learn more about how it works and how you can sign up today!