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You can now sign up for PandaBox on your own via Restaurant Portal!

released on 27 July 2020


Dear panda partners,


Do you want to acquire new customers and gain exposure using PandaBox? You can now sign up for PandaBox by logging in to the Restaurant Portal at your own convenience!

How does PandaBox work?

PandaBox targets customers new to your restaurant with 3 different limited-time deals*. Customers have 15 minutes to place their order before the PandaBox disappears.


Why should I sign up for PandaBox?

  1. Gain new customers

  2. Gain exposure - Your restaurant will still gain exposure when customers pass on the PandaBox offer (no charge to restaurants)

  3. Restaurants can limit the number of redemptions per day to suit their marketing budget


How much does it cost to sign up for PandaBox?

PandaBox uses a cost per order model where restaurants are only charged when customers place a PandaBox order. The fee of PandaBox is 50% of the order value after deducting the pandabox discount value. Commission will be charged from the remaining 50% of order value - while impressions are absolutely free!


Example: A restaurant is offering a $40 pandabox discount. A customer orders a basket size of $160.

  • Customer pays $160 - 40 = $120

  • Restaurant pays for $40 discount

  • Pandabox fee = $160 x 50% = $80 - $40 discount = $40


*Fixed discount mechanics of either HK$25, HK$40 or HK$60 depending on their order value (HK$90, HK$140, HK$180).

Sign up through Restaurant Portal now!


Here’s how you can get started, it’s super easy!


Log in to the Restaurant Portal

  1. Click on the “Growth Centre” icon on the left-hand panel

  2. See the 'pandabox' section, click "Continue to booking"

  3. Click "Start Campaign"

  4. Select the number of customers per day

  5. Check the terms and conditions

  6. Click on “Start”

For any issues, please reach out to our Partner Support team via the Help Centre in Restaurant Portal.




Your foodpanda Partner Hub team