foodpanda Pick-Up

Adding an extra layer of convenience for our customers, foodpanda not only provides delivery services, we also allow pickup too!

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Why should partners offer pick-up?

Pick-up is ordered through the same platform as delivery, you simply have to select the pick-up option! There may be customers who live or work close by your restaurant, or are passing your restaurant along their way home or to work, and may not want to pay a delivery fee when they can simply pick up their order themselves. Offering pick-up lets your customers know that you want to make it as easy and convenient as possible for them to order food from your restaurant.

How to sign up to add Pick-Up
To expand your foodpanda services, visit our Partner Support Request Form and select "Other". In the space provided, indicate that you would like to add pick-up services to your foodpanda business and upload a copy of your dine-in menu. 
Please note the following will apply: 
  • Your pick-up commission rate will be the same what it is for delivery
  • Your menu for both delivery and pick-up will be the same
  • Your operating hours for both delivery and pick up will be the same unless you specify you'd like different hours for pick-up 
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