foodpanda Resource Centre

Here is where our restaurant partners can find educational guides and tutorials on how to be successful throughout the journey as a foodpanda partner. 


New to foodpanda? See below for resources you may need to get started on the right foot! Click below to read our instructional guides. 

Your Daily Operation

Get used to run your foodpanda business? We know that you may not be familiar with restaurant  material order processing, invoice & billing cycle etc. in your daily operation. Download the guide below!


The best way to enhance your foodpanda performance is to:

  1. Offer an attractive online menu, and

  2. Take advantage of our growth tools and marketing support

Read on below to learn more!


Setting up an attractive foodpanda menu is critical to the success of your business as it will help you: Drive more revenue, enhance customer experience and aid in smooth operations.

Download our guides below to learn what factors contribute to a successful menu and understand how you can easily make changes to your menu through Restaurant Portal.

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To help our partners take advantage of the full potential of our platform, the following are marketing tools catered to increasing partner exposure and supporting their sustained growth. Scroll below to download our Growth Guide!


Carousel Deals

Engage with your customers by enticing them with great offers on food they love! When offering deals, your restaurant gets to be featured at the top of the app in our Carousel and have higher chances of getting more orders.



PandaBox is our newest marketing tool that attracts new customers to your restaurant. Customers will see several limited time offers from participating restaurants, and have 15 minutes to checkout before the deal disappears.

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Premium Listings

Opting into listings helps to promote your restaurant and boost exposure as it will appear above all other restaurants and be featured in our customers' favourite swimlanes. Our system optimizes the area and slots your restaurant will be shown. 


Social Media Marketing

Being a foodpanda partner allows you to piggyback off our marketing resources - push notifications, in-app banners, social media posts and offline events, we invest in brand awareness, letting the community know about our restaurants!

To enhance awareness, it is also important to utilize your own social media channels, such as Instagram. The following are tips on how you can use your Instagram to generate more foodpanda orders: 

1. Add an "Order Now" button to your Instagram profile!


First, you need to ensure you have a Business account set up, under the category Shopping and Retail. 

Then, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your restaurant's Instagram profile

  2. Click Edit Profile

  3. Under "Public Business Information", click Action Buttons

  4. Under "Select a Button", click Order Food

  5. Add your personalized foodpanda menu link* 

  6. Once you've entered the link, click Done.

*If you do not have your personalized menu link on hand, please contact us for it!

2. Use Instagram Stories and Stickers! 

  1. Upload a Story as you would normally and swipe up for the stickers options

  2. Select the "Food Orders" sticker

  3. Set your preferred delivery partner as foodpanda

  4. Publish!

Once your story is live, any of your viewers can simply tap the sticker and order from your menu. For more details, visit this Instagram Help article on adding Food Orders stickers!

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food orders.png

Download our guide below to learn how you can take advantage of these tools and grow with foodpanda.


Keep up to date with managing your foodpanda business by joining our training sessions and workshops! Click the links below to register - we look forward to learning with you!

What ever questions you may have about our platform, whether it be about marketing opportunities, operations, refunds, your invoices, anything you can think of, we've got you! Head on over to our dedicated Frequently Asked Questions page to be directed to the answers you've been looking for!