Sustainability at foodpanda

Taking steps towards a greener future for food delivery - read on to find our about our sustainability projects and initiatives at foodpanda

Wondering how to put your kitchen waste to good use?

Want to promote yourself as a sustainable restaurant?

We are here to help!

Join our Food Waste Recycling Pilot and we will arrange for your food waste to be transported to O-Park1, the first organic resource recovery centre where it is converted into energy for free.


Shark, ray and skate species are being threatened around the world and with Hong Kong being a hotspot for trade and consumption, foodpanda is taking action.

In February 2021, foodpanda signed a pledge with WWF-HK to no longer allow shark, ray and skate or related products on our platform. We hope you will support us on this conservation effort!

If you are looking for a more sustainable alternative to plastic packaging we are here to help! Starting April 2021, we will be offering a variety of low-cost sustainable packaging options via pandamerchant on Restaurant Portal